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  • Picasso Encarnación

    Picasso Encarnación

    Coming soon Renowned Jeanne Szilit explores Pablo Picasso’s interconnection with his work and its symbols. Teaming up with bookbridge, this is the artist’s first ever blockchain-adventure.

  • Picasso’s Barber

    Picasso’s Barber

    A Day With Eugenio AriasWas it really a friendship of equals, Achim Bunz wondered, before he met Eugenio Arias. For a day, the Munich based photographer, a keen and precise observer, accompanied Picasso’s then 90-year-old barber. Here is his answer.

  • Arias Heads Picasso

    Arias Heads Picasso

    Celebrating Picasso year 2023 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the artist’s death, bookbridge is thrilled to partner with multi-awarded artist Picasso turned night into day. Aging did not stop him from reinventing himself, dressing up, masking, disguising himself, intoxicating both his closest companions and his harshest critics. Check out’s amazing digital animated…

  • Picassos Friseur

    Picassos Friseur

    Die Geschichte einer FreundschaftDas Buch – The Book When Pablo Picasso met hairdresser Eugenio Arias in 1947, a deep relationship developed between them. Above all, their convictions as communists united the two Spaniards in southern France exile. But they also shared a love for bullfighting and a playful, cheeky sense of humor.