What are bookbridge collectibles?

bookbridge collectibles are digital originals or NFTs that tokenize unique content connected to and/ or inspired by our printed books – inviting our readers to give it a try, to continue learning, to send out a signal and do good – or to simply have fun and enjoy.

How do I get a bookbridge collectible?

You can purchase your bookbridge collectible via Creatokia, the platform for creating smart digital ownership for publishers, authors, readers and NFT-enthusiasts; in other words: for bibliomaniacs (like us!).

Use the Creatokia-buttons throughout our Website to check out our collections. www.creatokia.com

Are bookbridge collectibles unique?

bookbridge collectibles come as 1/1 originals, as limited series or – seldomly, for a certain period of time – as open editions (like printed books).

In any case, each bookbridge collectible is a digital creation which has been digitally signed by its creator. It is uniquely identified on the blockchain and can only be owned by a single individual. Offered on the platform Creatokia, every creation is ready to be minted as a unique Non-Fungible Token (NFT). This token provides proof of ownership and authenticity.

What blockchain does bookbridge use?

bookbridge is built on the Ethereum Blockchain (Proof of Stake, PoS)

Why bookbridge? What does the name stand for?

Creatively connecting the traditional world of books to new blockchain technologies, we fancy the manifold meaning of the word bridge as symbol of communication and union, of connection or transition.

In the analog world, we enjoy building bridges between old school readers and crypto-natives, reminding them how much they have in common.

In the digital web3 context, a bridge is a protocol which links blockchain systems together, allowing users from one system to send assets and information to another.

You see, it’s all about getting closer and communicating with each other!

Is the carbon footprint of NFTs ecologically sound?

Ethereum, the world’s most used blockchain for NFTs, has recently changed its system to so called “Proof of Stake (PoS)”  to determine the validity of transactions on its blockchain. Transactions are validated by a group of individuals and corporations that have staked their own tokens as collateral for the security of the network. This process requires far fewer people to constantly validate blocks on the chain, and thus uses 99 % less energy than the earlier “Proof of Work” system.

How do I get in touch with bookbridge?

For any enquiries or issues, please email hello@bookbridge.xyz