Picasso’s Barber

A Day With Eugenio Arias

“During a walk through town, he opened up, I got to know his laugh, the laugh of someone at peace with himself, who never wanted to be anyone other than who he was; a mischievous laugh that doesn’t need any big occasions, rousing, ageless. “ Achim Bunz

A few years before Eugenio Arias´ died, photographer Achim Bunz had the chance to accompany him through Vallauris for a day. People from all over the world were curious to meet him, for he had been close to the private Picasso.

The two Spaniards had met by chance in the pottery village in 1948. After the artist’s death, their intimate friendship lived on in Arias.

The largest part of the photo series by Achim Bunz featuring Eugenio Arias has never been published. Here it comes, for the first time, as a collectible ebook / NFT in remembrance of a man who was as modest as he was proud.

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