It’s What You See

The Ropes of Hope aims at halting the destruction, by unsustainable fishing, of coral reefs. The Tanzanian-based NGO trains fishers to grow coral and, with their partners from Oldenburg University in Germany, they monitor changes in marine biodiversity. In their efforts they rely on collaboration with the local communities on the islands of Jibondo and Chole, whose very existence depends on a healthy coral reef, and the ancestral knowledge of their elders. This is where your donation comes in. is a multi-awarded artist, graphic designer and composer experimenting both in physical and digital art. jink.ones paintings, graphics and video installations are being exhibited in individual as well as group expositions. Her video installation – “Saeule – ADSUM” was presented at the opening of Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich (Germany). created the It’s What You See-series to support the program Capturing old Knowledge. There are about 80 aging fishermen still living on the islands of Jibondo, Shungi mbili and Chole, almost all of them denied the opportunity of formal education. When they were young, the coral reefs were richer, more colorful, more diverse. Since then, much of the sea life has disappeared. The Ropes of Hope project has relied heavily on the wisdom of the elders and feels it is imperative to formally record the lifetimes of learning about this environment and to use this wealth of indigenous technical knowledge to guide our strategies going forward and to inspire the youth from these islands to take control of managing their resources for a sustainable future.

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